Thursday, January 29, 2009

Postal Service Cuts or Cut the Postal Service

The U. S. Postal Service is requesting to drop a day of mail delivery because of financial concerns. 

I have the answer:  UPS and FedEx.

Seriously, the Postal Service is suddenly the most visible and glaring example of our government at work. Of course, UPS and FedEx charge a little more on most items, but that's what the USPS is going to have to charge if they want to operate in the black. Additionally, of the significant mail that I receive, I think that 95% of it could arrive electronically. As for the junk mail, well, maybe the government could find somewhere else to send that. 

And they want to run our health care?!?

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Anonymous said...

Nice! The awesome thing is that you may be able to snag a sweet looking postal truck at auction if they were to shut it down!!! Talk about an economic stimulus I bet people would be willing to pay loads for one of those sweet rides :)