Monday, April 21, 2008

Playing Politics

This "pact" below is a better version of what I have been saying for some time about the presidential race and the next President. Lost in the polarization of the past 18 years in politics is the respect that we should have for the President of the United States. No matter now much I may disagree with him (or her), I disagree more fervently with the kind of extreme rhetoric which has been employed by those opposed to the political decisions being made.

My Non-Derangement Pact if Barack Obama Wins the Election

HT: TruePravda

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J. Wesley said...

Thanks for the link! I think this was an area where a LOT of Evangelicals dropped the ball during the Clinton years (myself included.) We may disagree with the civil magistrate, but God calls us to respect him. . . If Obama or Hillary win, God's going to have to give me a lot of grace on this one. LOL