Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pike Place Roast

As Starbucks continues to try to find itself the latest attempt involves going back to the original with Pike Place Roast. I had a cup Tuesday, another Wednesday, brewed some at home Thursday morning as well as another from the store this afternoon. Not bad. Even more than the flavor of this new 'old' coffee, I do like Starbucks' supposed return to the basics. Time will tell if it is successful.

I don't look for any of this coffee, though, anytime soon.


Jason B. said...

I gotta say, I'm not that impressed with the Pike's Street beans, or their new strategy. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it comes down to economics. They have been pouring out too much of their pricier beans throughout the day, and needed to find a bean that they could get for cheaper (by not paying fair prices to farmers, I'd guess). So they'll brew this stuff all day long, and save some dough.

I'd prefer to order my beans from a place like Higher Ground Roasters, who are paying proper prices to farmers for their beans. I just ordered a couple of pounds at their site (

There are a lot of other places doing the same thing. I met the people from The Land of A Thousand Hills at the Catalyst conference and have enjoyed their beans as well (

Anywho... I occasionally have a cup o' joe from SB, but those moments are becoming more of an exception.

Colby Willen said...

I don't know about the cheaper bean or what farmers in South America need to make to earn a living working in coffee. I try not to let the politics of coffee ruin a steaming cup early in the morning.