Monday, May 29, 2006


As you may have seen on Google News, the 'Words' blog has gone to a new look. A new 'template' actually...for those of us who are html-challenged (assuming that it is html that one needs to understand to create their own blog website - I could be mistaken.)

In case you've been looking for vast quantities of content here lately but haven't found it, there seems to have been a content leak somewhere in the old blog formatting. Hopefully this newfangled sort will be a little tighter and better able to retain all the amazing content that I'll be posting daily, even hourly on some days.


charleshalton said...

Even though the new template does have a nice, clean feel to it, I do miss the antiquity associated with the previous template. I'm flexible though so with a couple sessions of psycho therapy, I'll be alright.

Zero22 said...

I like the new template alot.

And, FYI, these templates are a combination of both HTML and CSS, the design language of the future.