Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blue Like Jazz

In a word, captivating.

I finally sat down with Blue Like Jazz, the Donald Miller book that has been recommended by several people around me. The other half dozen or so books I'm working through faded into the background while I found myself seeking reading time to get back to Miller's Jazz. I didn't actually gasp or fall out of my rocking chair at any of his theology (we don't agree, but he is gracious and I can be too.) Overall, I found the book a breath of fresh air, very inspiring, and a springboard for some reflection and introspection.

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ableknife said...

thanks for your post. i especially appreciate the part about how you are gracious despite disagreeing in some theological areas. in doing research about books and Christianity, i have been saddened by the division that seems to be so prevalent today. so, for this i thank you. another book you may want to check out is called Jesus in the Margins by Rick McKinley. blessings~