Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thanks, Basketball Advertisers

Thank you, dearest basketball advertisers. Yes, it is March, and yes, you are on the ball. We the viewers need basketball in every commercial.
Yes, we can only be interested in your car (or investements/cell phone/jeans/beer/TV show/kitchen appliance/lawn mower/airfare/website/board game) if you creatively market it with a 'March Madness' theme. And the creativity...outstanding. Mrs. Harmon's 3rd grade class could do no better.

Extra-special thanks award goes to: all you local car dealerships. Please yell a little louder...and could you put some more of your children in the commercials? We're flocking down to your car lot right at this moment. Nice job!


charleshalton said...

Looks like things are heating up in Belarus. I hope this can be resolved peacefully.

Jennifer said...

The annoyance with basketball-themed ads must run in the family. I especially dislike the Soutwest ad with the guy who overinflates his basketball. What about that incident makes him need to get away? No one even saw it happen?

Colby Willen said...

No, but, hey, there's a basketball tournament and this guy's shooting basketball too. Let's fly somewhere.