Friday, November 19, 2004

Bread Ties

In Seinfeldesque terms I must ask, "So what's up with bread?"

While all of the other products that are packaged and sold at the grocery have come to be enveloped with unpenetrable layers of safety features, bread is sold in a bag with an inviting twist tie on the end/top. I only became aware of this problem this week when the bread I purchased had a somewhat defective twist tie on the end, alerting me to the possibility that someone, anyone, could have opened this package of bread and harmed the bread in countless and unimaginable ways. Are we really this naive? When is the bread industry going to catch up with the rest of the world of safety seals? Are we going to hold them accountable or are we going to continue to buy bread in these ancient packages?

Join with me as I march in front of the department of bread to make sure that our voices are heard and the future is going to be a better place. (Or, write you congressman.)

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Jennifer said...

I believe the only reasonable solutions to this are to either (a) go on Atkins, thus eliminating your need for bread, or (b) bake your own.

I choose to (c) buy those extra-preservative-filled loaves that are double-wrapped. I don't do it because I'm worried about bread-tampering, I do it to because they're tend to mold less quickly.