Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Resolve. n. Fixity of purpose.

Does Russia now negotiate with terrorists, now that this is a new level of evil in our world with the specific lives of children at stake?


Every bone in Putin's body right now must be trying to come up with a way out of this scenario, but negotiating with terrorists will not be a winning decision in the long run, even if it saves all or some of the lives at stake at this school in Russia. Taking the road that Spain and the Philippines have taken will not bring future success. France has tried to appease, and now terrorists are holding French journalists with demands (if they're still alive.)

Is America ready for this? Will our resolve hold steady when it's a perfect little elementary school outside of Boston? Will we want to negotiate? Absolutely - every person would want to make the situation come out as positive as possible. But the decision has to already be in place - the decision to cave to no demand, no negotiation, no way. If the war on terrorism is going to be won, it is going to be won by a world with the kind of resolve that says "ABSOLUTELY NOT!"

If these terrorists blow up this school or shoot these children(and we're all praying that they don't), there are going to be people who criticize Russia for not doing more to "fix" the situation. Just like those who have tried to find fault with America for 9/11. Who is to blame? The terrorists.

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