Friday, January 07, 2005

Belarus: A "Different Reality"

The world has been advised that there will be no revolution of any color in Belarus. This kind of confidence comes on the heels of an amazing vote of 80% in favor of changing the country's constitution to allow President Lukashenko to seek a third term, something he will be 100% assured of winning.

"Old School" is Belarus. The unrest in other former Soviet republics has not been the case in the population 10 million Belarus. With the kind of supreme authority that made the Soviet Union impervious to change, Lukashenko keeps Belarus steady as a rock. His government provides healthy information that keeps the people settled. This week the foreign minister is quoted as saying: "The economy is developing at a fast pace. People's incomes are growing quickly. Everything taken together is not giving any ground for events similar to the Ukrainian ones." He also dismisses any notions that similar unrest to that of Ukraine could be present in Belarus: we have a different country, different reality."

Yes, rest assured, the economy of Belarus is booming and the standard of living is a thing of envy. Sound familiar?

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